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About Us

The Gavin Family are steeped in history in the sand and gravel business. We began to extract sand and gravel from our quarry in Kill, Co. Kildare in the 1950's. We have grown over the years and traded through some of the toughest times the country has seen.
We now have a modern fleet of tipper trucks and the latest arrival is the only one of its kind in the country. We have 4 axle trucks which deliver 20 ton but also have articulated vehicles which can carry over 30 ton. We supply all types of sand, pebble, crushed rock, Clause 804, Clause 808, SR 21 Annex E. We work on tight margins and and as a result our prices are very competitive and our service is second to none. We offer a personal touch and will help you along the way to make your order as stress free as possible.
We have supplied many big projects in the past and continue to do so. We are currently supplying the joining of the Luas Line, many data centres, new warehouses and various housing developments in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow. We are here to offer advice on whatever type of sand, gravel or crushed stone product you need and hopefully we can do business in the future!

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